Apache Maven-A review

What is it?

Simply put, I would say its sort of build tool, similar to another Apache project Ant. The Apache page for maven here gives a more detailed description:

” Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.”

Comment Anywhere!

Has it occurred to you(the reader) that you came across something and you like to comment on it?
Be it a feedback/improvement/suggestion/Aha moment or something you recall, simply said, how something that you see or read related to you?
If this could happen, you got another encyclopedia of stories of people and their experience getting ready to be scripted.
What would be unique to this movement is everyone takes the role of an author and a reader!

Very Exciting!

1/ How to track different people commenting at different times!
2/ How to keep it consistent with varying media on which comment is to be made?
3/ We have become thick, we use the desktop, and our applications sit on top of them, How to bring it to the desktop?

Now its becoming interesting!


Searching for developer owned dev and deploy platform!

It has been long time I have been wanting to get rid of hard disk failures at home.
For this, the only solution that hit me was use a wireless network storage (WNS) system at home and things would be fine.
That still would need to be dependent on power from the same place where I use the WNS, so not quite a scalable solution.

So here I announce the search for such a service, where ,
1/ I remotely login
2/ I can setup my desktop environment
3/ I can checkout/clone any public-ally hosted project.
4/ I can test-develop-deploy the complete application
5/ I can host the application for the world to enjoy!

Any service providers you come across, please so share here.