Public Network Passwords under attack!

With options like this which are available now, the public network passwords are a vulnerable lot today!
Coming to the solutions mode, the question that raises concerns and needs to be addressed is:

How to protect public network password from brute force attack?

And we think about the answers:

No, can be easily imitated, and IMHO, causes the power to rest with anyone who has power/money.

2/Special fonts?
Kinda-OK, the fonts that are created, should reside on a system only.
Limits mobility, but sure seems a viable option.

3/Thick client logins?
Yup, Can be mobile, enables a secure area.
More like double-check locking!

4/Best of 3 login attempts?
Black list the brute force IP. (+)Good for cleaning up the internet, (-)bad for businesses!

5/Image/Non-Text based passwords?
(+)Increases complexity (+) can be copyrighted/encrypted (-)Need to carry that picture always! (-) little randomness.

What could give the password crackers a new challenge?
It seems brute force is won over and the text books needs to be edited!