Instant Noodle aka Instant Google!

As most of us have come to peace with the latest ripple(sorry wave ain’t news anymore) on the world wide web caused by no other than google, it is time to analyse the new offering!

What is it?
An approach that takes away the mice and directly displays search results as alphabets are typed.

Any similar things exists before?
Absolutely Yes. Any regular KDE user knows what happens when Alt-F2 is pressed.

Is it any worth?
Yup! It was fun using it for two days. But don’t know how long it lasts.The good thing is that the mice has been pushed away one step more.

Any Gotcha’s?
As with any ajax application, browser button behaviour is unpredictable.You might not see actually things on the screen, but your request has everything.
Also earlier, for a search text only a single hit was required to the google servers, now every alphabet invokes a new hit.Get ready to leak unnecessary bandwith data.
Google really has some strong servers to take the toll of every search query to around 5-7 times!

The official post is here.