Social Media Marketing of things!


As the year 2015 comes to end, high time to board the social marketing bandwagon!(Better late than never!).

With BA out of the woods, and desperately looking for people to start using it! :-/, @ideapreneur suggested to try the FB thing and get the app to be downloaded via FB advt!(superb idea!) :-), On With The Implementation!!

So we had 3 contenders: FB/Google/Twitter as usual, as max footfall is via these 3 mediums! I will be sharing how I felt while using these mediums to reach out the potential audiences for the app!

1/Audience filtering:

Winner: FB

Tw: Had exactly 300 people interested in biking, This made Tw go out of the competetion way too early!

Gg: No way to find the potential audience, and there is no concept called interest, only keywords(way too year 2000 style)

FB: yay! tune your parameters location/interest/demographics and you get a potential reach! Way cool feature — actually won right stragihtaway there!

2/Ease of usage

Winner: None(maybe Gg)

FB: It took 3 weeks to get a hang of their systems! Their weird terminology of campaign/adverts/adverts set(yuck!) had me stuck unnecessarily for 3 days, as an advert in an advert set was OFF! Also their constraint that an image cannot have more than 20% text also had me waste 3 days getting them to approve/disapprove my advts. Oh and they pulled away 2k bucks in a day for an app install campaign! :-/

Gg: For a new comer not getting footfall on google, seems like their system was broken! That was a problem!Their system is perfectly reflecting how a mainframe of advts should look like! :-D(ha ha!). One super feature was me giving them a link to my site and they creating an advt out of it!WOW Take a look what they did here. This made them win by a small margain!



Winner: FB

Gg: Well maybe the websites are going out of fashion! A great reach but people not interested in the advt at all! more than 50% CPC as compared to FB, and the number seemed small!

FB: Does this need an explanation? Most of the virtual world still visits FB. Plain. Simple.Get it.


So, this feat is captured, WHY AREN’T PEOPLE USING THE APP STILL? 😛