Bike Assist is out!

Making Bike Rides ~ a paradise!
Bike Assist

Bike Assist is out and generally available(fully loaded!)

Here’s a download of all versions:

1/Standard/Free Version

2/Premium Version(@ INR 29/mo)

3/Maps(@ INR 19/mo)

4/Heartbeat+(@ INR 24/mo)

Heres the feature details:

compare4And now to the special features:

1/Maps: Going wayword from our punchline(Maps are boring!), we did realize that when you have a flat tyre, Maps are not that boring, so we have provided with the integration of maps for all spots at a small premium!

2/Heartbeat: The most exciting features of this app!Say you are planning a bike ride and your loved ones need to stay update about your whereabout? Now it wont be fun they calling you all the time?Enter HEARTBEAT: Pin your location whenever you want, to your loved one! If you really like it handsfree, we have provided a mechanism where for a scheduled time(4/6/8 hours), your location will be updated and your loved ones can take a look at that link(updated every 15 mins)! Aint that cool! 🙂

Coming back to BA, heres the link to the app:
Android app on Google Play

If you wish to send us best wishes, you can do so at facebook:

Please go ahead and use the app and share your experience!

Securing your AWS instance!

A daunting task of getting the things secured in the app! Here’s a plethora of links that can help anyone lost/looking to get it done!

  • Cant trust https? Well, roll out your own, AT YOUR OWN RISK!(A must for even https GET calls)
  • openssl | Getting started with the certificate
  • Look here if nothing works!
  • FF issue(double check in the browser too!)?
  • AWS docs(perfect example of information overload)
  • Testing what you have
  • Small things(Hacks!)

Dont forget, if you have a front controller for your aws, you need to apply the certificates there also!

And finally once all is set up turn off your http listeners for port 80! 🙂

And here’s a link to end the atrocities of the monopoly of the so called CA’s : 😀