Searching for developer owned dev and deploy platform!

It has been long time I have been wanting to get rid of hard disk failures at home.
For this, the only solution that hit me was use a wireless network storage (WNS) system at home and things would be fine.
That still would need to be dependent on power from the same place where I use the WNS, so not quite a scalable solution.

So here I announce the search for such a service, where ,
1/ I remotely login
2/ I can setup my desktop environment
3/ I can checkout/clone any public-ally hosted project.
4/ I can test-develop-deploy the complete application
5/ I can host the application for the world to enjoy!

Any service providers you come across, please so share here.


6 thoughts on “Searching for developer owned dev and deploy platform!”

  1. Most of the online services that i have come across do not provide all these features simultaneously.

    Typically project hosting and web application hosting services are not provided by the same vendor.
    Some web hosting apps might allow specific code hosting apps to push code from their servers.

    Since, i was coding in Ruby and Rails for the past 10 months, i came across a few such apps (Github and Heroku)

    For java, you can see (supports many other languages as well)

    The only thing that i doubt about is: Code & Test the entire app on a hosted service, as this would require heavy/dedicated usage of the hosting servers.

    Amazon has been coming out with cloud computing offerings(S3,RDS,etc) for the past couple of years. Who knows they might come up with such a service as well!
    But then, it won't be free for sure.

  2. Hey Sahil!

    Github as I suppose is SCM hub, not a deployment/hosting platform. Heroku is something I never heard of before, so would check it out.

    I am also looking up to the cloud-offer'ers)read:rain gods!) on this.
    I am ok with an upfront cost, but I need to brush up my skills on remote hosting and managing services.


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