Requirements Tracking- Yet Another Format!

Couple of days back at work, I got my first opportunity to document the requirements for a particular moderation flow.As a practice we document everything in microsoft project management tool(read: ms word).

And the pain of tracking the changes, without review/comments is unacceptable!

Hence with the motivation set in, this is the template that I could come up after a *lot* of thinking:

As a I want to do … So that… Only If… My action affects…

and here’s an instance of an entry derived from that template:

moderator See new artefacts  entered by users I can validate the contents. There are new artefacts available in the system. Displaying the artefacts with ability to go to next artefact and/or approve/disapprove them.

I have modified the actual text that was prepared for generality and not keeping office work in public!

Incase you have not already guessed, this instance deals with viewing artefacts for moderation.

While preparing this template, I was not cent percent aware of the domain that I was dealing with and also, I was new to this module, maybe that can work in favour of most people in similar situation!

What do you think? Does this template gives you the ability to cover all/most scenarios in your development story?

Feedback welcome!